Letter of the Week: H

This week might begin with waffles or pancakes for breakfast; before serving them to your preschooler, cut them into a heart shape. Ask your child what shape her waffle/pancake is; help her, if she's not sure. Then say, "Heart has an H sound, doesn't it? H, h, h, hear it?" Then draw both upper- and lowercase Hs for your child. For fun, show your child how she can shape her body into an upper- or lowercase H. Finally, from the list below, pick several H-related crafts for the week

For more about Letter of the Week activities, click here.

* H is for Hive (lowercase)
* H is for Hair (uppercase)
* Hair cutting craft
* Hair painting * H is for Horse (lowercase)
* H is for Horse (uppercase)
* Horse handprint craft
* Horse footprint craft
* H is for House (lowercase)
* H is for House (uppercase)
* H is for House 2 (uppercase; printable)
* H is for Hippo (uppercase)
* Hippo craft
* Huge hippo craft
* H is for Heart (upper or lower case; you could also use heart stickers)
* K is for Kernels

* H is for Holes (upper or lower case)
* H is for Hands (upper or lower case)
* Helping Hands craft
* Hedgehog sandwich
* Hedgehog cookies
* Hedgehog paper plate craft
* Hedgehog handprint craft
* Hen life cycle craft
* Hen handprint craft
* Hot dog craft (I recommend forming the finished "hot dogs" into a uppercase H)
* Phonics: Letter H
* The Letter H Story and Song 
* Sesame Street: Letter H
* Sesame Street: Alphabet Chat H
* Sesame Street: Scanimate H

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