Letter of the Week: I

This week, a nice alphabet review (using letters A - I) is the Wiggle Worms Alphabet Game. Once you've shown your child an upper and lower case I and have taught him the most common sound it makes, together brainstorm words that start with that sound. "Inchworm" is one of them. Then pull out this game, which has homemade cards featuring inchworms, hearts, and letters. When you child draws an inchworm, he gets to wiggle all over the place. If he draws a heart, he gets a hug. Otherwise, he names the letter on the card. Fun!

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* I is for Insect  (the "inchworm" crafts work for "insect," too)
* Insect pom pom ball craft
* Insect snack
* Insect counting craft
* Insect pattern block printables
* Insect Band-Aid craft
* Insect handprint craft
* I is for Inchworm (many of the "insect" craft work for "inchworm," too)
* Inchworm paper craft
* Inchworm snack
* K is for Kernels

* Inchworm pencil craft
* Inchworm instrument craft (made of cardboard and soda pop lids)
* Instrument crafts
* I is for Iguana (uppercase)
* I is for Iguana (lowercase)
* I is for Inch
* Indian corn bubblewrap craft (You can also use Q-tips dipped in paint to make the kernels)
* Indian snack
* Igloo marshmallow craft (You could also use sugar cubes)
* Igloo paper craft
* I is for Island *
* I is for Ivy *
* I is Icicle *
* I is for Ice Cream *
* Phonics: Letter I
* Sesame Street: Letter I
* Sesame Street: Crayon Magic Letter I
* Sesame Street: Screaming I
* Sesame Street: The Letter I Looks Like a Bone
* Letter I Song

* These crafts are fun, but don't use the most common sound the letter "I" makes; use them at your own discretion.

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