Best FREE Canning Jar Labels on the Net

Home canned foods and gifts in a jar both make excellent Christmas gifts. Not only are they yummy (or, in the case of some gifts in a jar, useful), but they say "You cared enough to take the time and creativity to make this for me." In years past, I've discussed some fun ways to dress up your jarred gifts, but this year I specifically wanted to focus on labels. There are a ton of free jar labels available online - just print them off, cut them out, and attach. But to help you wade through all those offerings, I've rounded up what I consider the very best the Internet has to offer.

Canning Jar Top Labels

These are the type of labels designed to fit on the lid of canning jar. You may either glue these labels on top of the lid or simply set them on top of the jar lid and hold them in place with a jar screwband.

* Beautiful, old fashioned labels for blueberry, peach, apricot, grape, cherry, raspberry, strawberry,
Old fashioned labels from World Label.
bumbleberry (mixed berry), and marmalade.

* Simple "homemade" labels

* Colorful stripes

* Black and white Art Deco inspired

* Candy stripes

* Simple "Homemade Just for You"

* Green and blue stripes

* Flower power

* Several styles of vintage labels

* Classy chalkboard style

* Plaid, polka-dotted, and starburst labels

* Pretty fruit labels for berry, cherry, raspberry, and strawberry jam

* Citrus

* K is for Kernels

* Antique-style

* "Spread Love" labels and tags

* Apples

Mason jar labels from
* Blue, maroon, gold, and green print

* Cute fruit labels

* Colorful polka-dots and stripes

* Christmas trees

* Red and white "Jam Made with Love By..."

* Beautiful fruits: cherry, peaches, lemons, tomato, pear, grapes, pumpkin, strawberry, currents, raspberry, and blackberry.

* Photos of real food: apple, tomato, cucumber

* Sunbursts

* Simple "Made With Love"

* "Farm Fresh"

* Red, blue, and green gingham

* Snazzy black, white, and color labels

* Flowery black and white

* Colorful leaves

* Green leaves and grass

* Mason jars

* Old fashioned strawberry jam

Christmas presents and penguins from World Label.
* Applesauce

* Pretty vintage

* Red and white striped, snowflakes, and holly labels

* Christmas lights

* Christmas presents and penguins

Canning Jar Front Labels

These labels are designed to glue on the front of a jar - just like labels on grocery-store purchased canned goods. For best results, print on paper with a sticky back.

* Sweet cherry jar labels

* Cute blue and red "Made with Love"

* Red gingham
Old fashioned strawberries from Happy Miscellany.

* Colorful polka-dots and stripes

* "The Jam Labelizer:" choose from several fonts and colors

* Christmas and winter theme labels

* Apple pie

* Old fashioned strawberries

* Fruity labels

* Vintage

* Red and white striped, snowflakes, and holly labels

* Elaborate antique

* Modern blue and gold 

Canning Jar Tags

These tags tie on with string or ribbon.

* Cute "What's Inside" tags
Mason jar tags from Cottage Industrialist.

* Mason jar tags

* Rustic tags for strawberry, peach, cherry, plum, blueberry, raspberry, mixed berry, damson, and blackberry jams (also orange marmalade)

* Patterned mason jars

* "Spread the Love"

* Cute strawberries

* "Homemade Salsa"

* "Farm Fresh"

* Christmasy birds

* Merry Christmas

Other Ideas

* Use old Christmas cards to create jar labels.

* Use muffin liners as decorative toppers. Or use brown kraft paper. Tie with string, or just put a jar ring on.

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