Letter of the Week: J

This week, help your little one get out her wiggles by beginning the day with J is for Jump! This can be as simple as placing letter Js on the ground (if it's warm enough, use chalk on the sidewalk; if you need to do this indoors, just print out some letters on paper and place them on the floor). Or you can use this activity to review the letters A - J: Shout out a letter and have your child jump on it!

For more about Letter of the Week activities, click here.

* J is for Jewel
* Jewel crown craft (more simple version here)
* J is for Jug
* J is for Juice
* J is for Jellyfish
* J is for Jellyfish (2)
* J is for Jellyfish (lowercase; you could also make the jellyfish part from a handprint)
* Jellyfish paperbag craft
* Jellyfish coffee filter craft
* Jellyfish paper plate craft

* K is for Kernels

* J is for Jungle
* Jungle animal mask craft
* Jungle animal mask printables
* J is for Jaguar
* J is for Jaguar (2)
* Jaguar handprint craft
* J is for Jelly Jar
* Jack in the box craft
* J is for Jacket
* Jupiter craft
* J is for Jellybean
* Jellybean counting
* J is for Jesus
* Lots of J is for Jesus activities, including a simple puzzle, size sort, patterns, scavenger hunt, and more
* J is for Joseph
* J is for Jello snack
* J is for Jelly on toast snack
* Phonics: Letter J
* Sesame Street: Letter J
* Sesame Street: My J Won't Jump
* Sesame Street: The J Song
* Sesame Street: The J Train
* Sesame Street: The J Jacket Song
* Sesame Street: J Moon

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