Letter of the Week: K

This week, begin by showing your child the letter K and tell him what sound it makes. Brainstorm words that have the "k" sound (don't worry if your child also suggests some "c" words that start with the same sound). Be sure "kangaroo" is one of the words mentioned. Then play the Kangaroo K Scavenger Game, putting items that have the "k" sound in a fun little kangaroo pocket. Later in the week, play the K is for Kick Game, where your child will name words that start with the "k" sound and be rewarded with a fun kick to a milk jug.

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* K is for King printable craft (and this similar craft; see also)
* King's crown craft
* K is for Kite
* K is for Kite (2)
* Kite handprint craft
* Kite craft
* Kite counting craft
* Kite "stained glass" craft
* Lots of K is for Kite activities, including a "roll a kite" game, kite counting, kite size sort, and more
* K is for Karate
* K is for Kernels

* K is for Kernels

* K is for Kisses
* K is for Kiwi snack (use a cookie cutter)
* Kiwi paper plate craft
* K is for Keys
* K is for Keys (2)
* Counting Keys
* Masking tape letter K (works for any letter)
* K is for Koala
* Koala footprint craft 
* Koala mask craft
* Koala puppet craft
* K is for Keyboard
* K is for Kangaroo
* Kangaroo craft
* Kangaroo printable craft
* Kebobs fruit snack
* Phonics: The Letter K
* Sesame Street: Letter K
* Sesame Street: K is for Kangaroo
* Sesame Street: K is for Karate
* Sesame Street: K is for Key
* Sesame Street: Kermit and the Magic Finger K

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