Operation Underground Railroad

There are more slaves alive today than at any other time in history. Nearly 2 million of them are children and about 8,000 American children are sold into slavery each year. But these children aren't being worked to death. Even the littlest amongst them are sex slaves. But here's the real kicker: Experts know where many of these children are - they just don't have the funds to rescue them.

Until recently. Operation Underground Railroad, powered by former FBI agents, CIA agents, Navy SEALs, and Green Berets, has made it their mission to rescue as many of these children as possible. “We know how to extract them. This is what we do,” their website states. “We rescue them and place them into safe havens where they can be rehabilitated. Then we go after the bad guys and break their organizations. Help us do this. Help us help the children.”

And Operation Underground Railroad moves fast. Recently, when the charity was mentioned on The Glenn Beck Program, they raised $300,000 in a single day and immediately deployed two rescue teams. One of the rescued children, kidnapped during Sunday School, was immedietly returned to his father.

There are a number of good organizations that fight human trafficking (my friend and fellow blogger Tanya Dennis' Justice Network is one regional organization worth joining), but what makes Operation Underground Railroad stand out from the rest is that they are focused on getting children out of sexual slavery and either restoring them to their families or finding them new a new family. In addition, they go after the bad guys, to make sure they don't hurt more children.

Please consider making a tax-free donation this Christmas season. You can also report tips on their website.


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