A Simple Way to Make Homemade Bread Better - with an electric knife

Last year I read somewhere that cutting homemade bread with an electric knife made cutting easier - and made the slices much less crumbly. I thought that made sense, since commercial sandwich bread is cut with, essentially, band saws. So I put an electric knife on my wish list.

Inexpensive electric knives - which are just fine for cutting bread - aren't expensive. You can easily buy one for about $20. But then I noticed something: Local thrift stores were inundated with electric knives! Most were in terrific condition, looking as if they'd been used only a handful of times (probably at Thanksgiving and Christmas for a couple of years). Best of all, they were only $2 - $3 a piece! (Most thrift stores also allow you to return electronic items if they don't work the way they should...so you don't even have to worry about loosing $3.)

So yes, I can now confirm that using an electric knife to cut homemade bread is easier - and it makes the bread far less crumbly to eat. And if you browse the thrift stores to buy your electric knife, you'll save a bundle, too!

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  1. My method is to let the bread cool and before I go to bed I place it in a bread bag and close with a twist tie. In the am it can be sliced much thinner .I make all my bread by hand and thoroughly enjoy the process. Have made all our baked goods for 40+ years.