Letter of the Week: P

P is for Puppy
This week, consider making one day an "eat P foods" day. Ideas include: Pancakes, pizza, peanuts, pineapple, pumpkin, peppers, peanut butter, pickles, parsnips, potatoes, pretzels, pork, peaches, pomegranates, plums, popcorn, peas, pasta, Popsicle, pie, pot pie...there are so many choices that start with P!

But first, show your child the letter P and say it's name: "puh!" What words can your child think of that start with the P sound?

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* P is for Puppy (see illustration to the left)
* Puppy lunch sack puppet 
* Puppy heart craft
* Puppy ears craft
* P is for Pig
* P is for Pig (2)
* P is for Pig (3)
* P is for Pig (4)
* Pig finger puppet
* Pig lunch sack puppet
* Pig paper plate craft
* Pig lunch food

* P is for Peacock
* P is for Peacock (2)
* Peacock hand print craft
* Peacock paper plate craft
* P is for Pirate
* Pirate paper plate craft
* Pirate hand print craft
* P is for Piano
* P is for Puzzle
* P is for Popcorn
* P is for Palm tree
* P is for Peas
* Peas in a pod craft 
* P is for Panda 
* Panda paper plate mask
* P is for Pennies
* P is for Penguin
* Penguin hand print craft
* Penguin foot print craft
* Penguin toilet paper tube craft
* P is for Pocket
* P is for Princess
* P is for Pom-Poms
* P is for Pumpkins
* Pumpkin snack
* P is for Pasta
* Plagues of Egypt activity
* Phonics: The Letter P
* Sesame Street: The Letter P
* Sesame Street: What Foods Begin with the Letter P?
* Sesame Street: The King Banishes the Letter P
* Sesame Street: Letter P Story and Song
* Sesame Street: P is My Favorite Letter
* Sesame Street: P is for Party
* Sesame Street: Letter of the Day, P
* Sesame Street: P is for Pencil

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