The Long Winter Activities

The Long Winter is the longest book in The Little House on the Prairie series, and as you read about the struggles of the Ingalls family, it's tough for a modern family to complain about modern life! As you read The Long Winter with your children, try some of these activities.

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* Make a button lamp.

* Make some hay sticks. (See also.)

* Cook up some ground cherry preserves.

* Prepare homemade cranberry sauce.

* Learn about little auks.
Little auks. (Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.)

* Whip up some baked beans.

* Make a green pumpkin pie.

* Make green tomato pickles.

* Learn about muskrat houses.

* Read and study the Declaration of Independence.

* Look up calorie recommendations for men, women, and children. Estimate how many calories the Ingalls were eating each day. What happens when we eat too little or too much?

19th century mowing machine. (Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.)
* If you have access to a hand-crank grain grinder (or an old fashioned coffee grinder that you're not worried about damaging) try grinding some wheat berries.

* Learn about 19th century mowing machines.

* Make ginger water (and read about the health benefits).

* Try some cambric tea.

* Learn about DeSmet (includes photos and videos).

* Look through a copy of Pa's "big green book" about animals.

* Do some "handiwork:" embroidery or other needlework, like Laura and Mary did to pass the time.

* Ask your children what would happen if a blizzard or other harsh weather/natural disaster cut you off from the rest of the world. What would you eat? How long would your supplies last? How does the U.S. government suggest families prepare for events like these?

* Remember what Pa said about "modern" conveniences? Ask your child what things we depend upon or want today that Pa might put into that category.

* Learn about frostbite and how to prevent and treat it.

* Find out who Tubal Cain was by reading Genesis 4:22. Also read Daniel 5: 17-24 to learn why Pa called Carrie "Nebuchadnezzar."

* Make a Long Winter lap book.


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