52 Simple Sewing Projects for Kids

I've blogged before on teaching children to sew. Not only is it a creative outlet for both girls and boys, but sewing improves fine motor skills and concentration while teaching a useful life skill. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to find sewing projects for kids - or for beginners of any age. So I've compiled some of my favorites, dividing them up between things that can be done by hand (which I recommend for all children under the age of 8) and by machine. Happy sewing!

20 Hand Sewing Projects for Kids or Beginners:

* Drawstring bag. (Depending upon the size, these are great for storing toys, or use one as a girl's purse, or as an overnight-at-Grandma's bag, or as a gift bag)
* Felt key rings.
* Tic-Tac-Toe game
* Sachets
* Felt bookmarks (more here, here, here, here, and here)
* Felt flower brooch
* Tree Christmas ornament
* Handprint scarf
* Ladybug pincushion or toy
* Felt pillows (perfect for dolls or stuffed animals)
* Felt finger puppets (just sew them instead of using glue)
* Braided bracelets
* Cup cozies
* Cloud pillows
* Tissue holder
* Ribbon bookmarks
* Felt scrap bracelets
* Mitten ornament
* Bottle bracelet
* Cloud brooch

20 Machine Sewing Projects for Kids or Beginners:

* Fabric bookmark
* Key rings
* Pocket scarf
* Tea towel and pot holders
* Easy skirt (see this one, too)
* Quilt made of strips of fabric.
* Bandana tote bag
* Pocket organizer
* T-shirt pillows
* Drawstring backpack
* Neck pillow
* Tote bag
* Turn jeans into fun shorts
* T-shirt tote
* Pillowcase
* Sleep masks (sew them instead of using glue)
* Pajama pants
* Jeans leg purse
* Mittens
* Me and My Doll apron kits

12 Projects for Either Hand- or Machine-Sewing:

* Sleeping bag for stuffed animals.
* Bandana quilt or blanket
* Ribbon bugs
* Easy doll dress
* Bandana apron
* Felt pencil case
* Very simple stuffed bunnies
* Easy apron
* T-shirt monsters
* Doll bedding
* Felt animals
* "Softies"

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. My 11 y.o. daughter has begun learning how to use the sewing machine. For the past couple of years she has been making many sewing projects by hand. Yesterday she made a winter cap on the sewing machine and marveled at how fast she will be able to make these instead of sewing them by hand. She will love all these links and projects.