Letter of the Week: Q (Including Free Q and U Get Married Printable)

The marriage of Q and U!
This week's letter (Q) can be taught two ways, depending upon how well your child already knows her alphabet. If your child recognizes and can name all or most of the letters, and is learning what sounds they make, it's a great idea to introduce her to the idea that the letter Q is never without U. They are always side-by-side.

One fun way to help your child remember this is to have Q and U get married. I've seen some schools put children through an elaborate wedding - with one child dressed as a bride and another as a groom, each with either a large Q or U pinned to their clothes. I find this a little disturbing (!). Instead, I'd recommend marrying two dolls. Or print out this Free Q and U Get Married Printable (After printing, cut out the bride and groom and tape or glue them onto popsicle sticks.)

On the other hand, if your child still doesn't know his letters well, I recommend focusing on each letter separately before you teach him about Q and U's "marriage."

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  1. That is such a cute idea. I use Abeka. Their saying is, "Q has a helper and it's always U," as you point to the child all excitedly. Lol it seems to have worked for my kids, but the bride and groom is so cute.