Letter of the Week: V

V is for volcano.
After reviewing the letters A - U, introduce your child to the letter V by using painter's tape to create a large V on the floor. Show your child that the uppercase and lowercase V are the same, except the latter is smaller. Then say, "V says vvvvvv!" Brainstorm words that have the V sound, being sure to end with "vehicles." Then show your child how to use the painter's tape V as a road for toy vehicles. Encourage your child to make her own painter's tape Vs to create intersecting roads. Ask: "Can you make a letter V with your vehicles?" When your child is ready to move on, choose one or more of the crafts, activities, or videos, below.

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* V is for Violin
* V is for Vine (see also)
* V is for Vegetables
* Vegetable stick puppets (these offer a great opportunity to talk about how yummy and healthy veggies are)
* Veggie prints craft
* V is for Volcano
* V is for Volcano (2)
* Volcano dot sticker printable
* Volcano craft
* Volcano science project
* V is for Vulture
* V is for Vulture (2)

* V is for Vulture (3)
* Vulture hand print craft
* V is for Vacuum
* Very hungry caterpillar craft (for more caterpillar ideas, see Letter of the Week: C)
* V is for Vase
* V is for Vase (with Vegetable Stamping)
* Vase snack
* V is for Vacation
* V is for Vehicle (paste paper vehicles onto a large construction paper V)
* Vehicle counting cards
* Vehicle math ideas
* Phonics: Letter V
* Sesame Street: All About V
* Sesame Street: Letter V Salesman
* Sesame Street: The Violin Song
* Sesame Street: Letter V Song
* Sesame Street: V is for Volcano

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