Letter of the Week: W - with Free Printable Worm Stick Puppet

W is for Worm. Click here for the free printable.
After reviewing letters A - V, start this week by introducing upper- and lowercase W. "W says wuh!" Then serve up some waffles for breakfast. Other great foods to eat today are watermelon, walnuts, and whipped cream. And don't forget to drink water! Then choose one or more of the letter W related crafts and activities, below.

For more about Letter of the Week activities, click here.

* W is for Watermelon
* W is for Watermelon (2)
* Watermelon play dough
* Watermelon math (May I suggest simply slicing watermelon and counting the seeds? Or, if watermelons aren't available, drawing and coloring some paper ones?)
* Watermelon lunch
* Watermelon cake
* Watermelon craft
* Watermelon sewing
* W is for Worm
* W is for Worm (2)
* W is for Worm (3)
* Worm stick puppet printable craft (see photo, above)
* Worm pom pom craft (try making this in the shape of a W)
* Calling up worms science activity
* Wormery science project
* Worm snack
* Worm lunch
* W is for Waves (see also)
* W is for Web
* Web paper plate craft (scroll down)
* Web game

* W is for Wagon
* W is for Winter
* Weather wheel craft
* Windmill printable toilet paper roll craft
* George Washington paper plate craft
* W is for Word
* He's Got the Whole World in His Hands craft
* World cupcakes (and other treats)
* W is for Walrus
* W is for Walrus (2; see also)
* W is for Walrus (3)
* Walrus printable craft
* Walrus paper plate craft
* Walrus paper bag puppet
* W is for Wheel
* W is for Whale
* Whale printable craft
* Whale lunch
* Phonics: The Letter W
* Sesame Street: Wanted Letter W
* Sesame Street: Kermit's Letter W Lecture (part II is here)
* Sesame Street: Letter W Fireflies
* Sesame Street: W for Willamina
* Sesame Street: Letter W in the Pool

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