How to Clean a Popcorn or Textured Ceiling

Whoever thought popcorn-style ceilings were a good idea obviously never did any housecleaning! But if you have a popcorn ceiling in your home - or a ceiling that's highly textured - there has to be some way to clean it...right? Right.

First, a few things to avoid:

* Never saturate a textured ceiling. This can literally make the ceiling fall down or peel off.

* Avoid using any moisture (including steam).

* Don't try to scrape off or remove a textured ceiling. They usually contain asbestos - so if you want to get rid of it, hire a pro.

* Some people use a broom to clean textured ceilings. I don't recommend this because brooms can make a lot of the texturing fall off.

How to Clean a Popcorn or Highly Textured Ceiling:

Use the hose on your vacuum to vacuum the ceiling. Work systematically, so you're certain to vacuum the entire the ceiling. It's not a bad idea to wear safety goggles, and you may want to cover your hair with a kerchief.

If there are stains or spots on the ceiling, some experts recommend the following:

"Mix 1 tablespoon of bleach with 1 gallon of water in a sink or pail. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture. Stand on a ladder and spray dark spots on the ceiling with the bleach/water mixture. Do not oversaturate the ceiling. Spray the spot with two or three blasts then allow the ceiling to dry overnight. Repeat the spray treatment daily until the spots lighten." Emphasis mine; remember that dampness can cause the ceiling to peel or fall off.

If the ceiling still looks dirty, you may need to paint it using a slit foam roller. A very fluffy roller works, too. If there are spots or stains left on the ceiling, paint those first, then allow them to dry before you move on to the entire ceiling. Be sure to only paint in one direction. (If you roll back and forth, the popcorn will get saturated and fall off.) For a second coat, I recommend rolling in a different direction than you did the first time.

According to the San Fransisco Gate you can also try just painting over stained areas: Use texture spray in a color that matches the ceiling paint.

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