Letter of the Week: R - plus FREE R is for Robot Printable

R is for Robot.
Begin this week by eating some raisin oatmeal or rolls. Then show your child an upper- and lowercase R. "R says rrrrrr. Rrrrrr like rrrraisin and rrrroll!" Later in the day, consider eating radishes, raspberries, ravioli, rice, or rainbow sherbet. And there are lots of R related crafts and activities to choose from, below.

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* R is for Robot (see above; click here for free printable)
* Robot toilet paper roll craft
* Robot shape craft
* Robot lunch
* Robot counting
* Robot unit
* R is for Rocket (uppercase)
* R is for Rocket (lowercase)
* Rocket shape craft
* Rocket letter craft (scroll down)
* Rocket printable craft
* Rocket craft

* R is for Risen dot page
* He is Risen buns snack* R is for Reindeer (uppercase)
* R is for Reindeer (uppercase 2)
* R is for Reindeer (lowercase)
* R is for Reindeer (upper- and lowercase)
* R is for Reindeer tracing sheet
* R is for Rocks
* R is for Ribbon
* R is for Rainbow 
* R is for Rainbow (2)
* R is for Rainbow (3; see also)
* R is for Rainbow (4)
* God makes Rainbows craft
* Rainbow colors and counting activity
* Rainbow rain science experiment
* R is for Rain
* R is for Rabbit (uppercase)
* R is for Rabbit (uppercase 2)
* R is for Rabbit (uppercase 3)
* R is for Rabbit (lowercase)
* Rabbit color by letter printable
* Rabbit paper plate craft
* Rabbit ears headband craft
* Rabbit paper plate mask craft
* Rabbit carrot counting
* Rainbow fish craft
* R is for Raccoon
* R is for Raccoon (2)
* Raccoon hand print craft
* Raccoon toilet paper craft
* Raccoon paper bag puppet craft
* Raccoon paper plate craft
* R is for Rhino (lowercase)
* Rhino paper plate craft
* Rhino printable craft
* R is for Rooster (lowercase)
* R is for Rooster (uppercase)
* Rooster mask craft
* Rooster hat craft
* R is for Road (uppercase)
* R is for Road (lowercase)
* R is for Rice
* R is for Raspberries
* Phonics: Letter R
* Sesame Street: Letter R
* Sesame Street: Grover and the Letter R
* Sesame Street: Special on the Menu: Letter R
* Sesame Street: Chalk R
* Sesame Street: Big Bird's R Sightings
* Sesame Street: Ernie's R Collection
* Sesame Street: Gladys at the Double R Ranch


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