Letter of the Week: X

X is for foX.
Once your child is comfortable identifying  letters A - V, you'll probably find teaching the letter X a little more challenging. That's because there are no words that begin with the letter X that say it's most common sound: "ks." And while you will find the "ks" sound at the end of words like "fox" and "box,", all the other letters you've taught so far have used words that begin with the sound you are teaching.

So you have a choice to make. You may either switch gears and use words that end with X's "ks" sound, or you may choose to teach the letter X using one of it's beginning-of-the-word sounds. Which choice you make, I think, depends upon your child's progress with phonics. If your child is really just learning to recognize letters and their names, I believe you should feel free to teach the letter X with words like "xylophone" and "X-ray." But if your child is really catching on to phonics, I suggest using words like "fox."

Once you've made your choice, show your child an upper- and lowercase X and the sound(s) it makes. Then choose one of more of the activities below.

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* X is for X-Ray
* X-ray portrait
* X-ray craft
* X-ray Q-tip craft
* X-ray hand print art
* X-ray fish hand print art
* X-ray cookies
* X is for Xylophone
* X is for Xylophone (2)
* Xylophone stick craft
* Xylophone snack
* Xylophone dot sticker page printable
* Xylophone game, color by number, simple puzzle, size sort, and more
* X is for X marks the spot
* X marks the spot snack
* X marks the spot games and worksheets
* X craft with tile spacers
* Fox in Socks craft
* Fox toilet paper tube craft
* Fox paper plate craft
* Fox mask craft
* Phonics: Letter X
* Sesame Street: Letter X
* Sesame Street: X Marks the Spot
* Sesame Street: Harvey Kneeslapper
* Sesame Street: The Great Alfonzo
* Sesame Street: Mystery Guest X
* Sesame Street: Letter X Lecture
* Sesame Street: The Letter X Song
* Sesame Street: Cowboy X

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