Letter of the Week: Y

Y is for Yellow Yarn
When your child is ready to move on to the letter Y, begin by showing him the upper- and lowercase version of the letter. "Y says 'yuh.' What words start with the yuh sound?" One Y word can be the theme for your day or week: Yellow. Eat yellow foods (like bananas, yellow cheese, yellow yogurt, and so on) and see if you can tune your child into pointing out as many things as possible that are yellow or begin with the Y sound. Then do one or more of the activities below.

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* Y is for Yarn lacing activity
* Y is for Yarn
* Y is for Yarn craft
* Yarn monster craft
* Yarn balls or eggs craft
* Yarn bowl craft
* Y is for Yak (see also)
* Y is for Yak (and Yarn)
* Yak toilet paper tube craft
* Yak hat craft
* Yak hand print craft 
* Yak paper bag puppet
* Yak paper plate craft
* Y is for Yoyo
* Y is for Yoyo (2)
* Yoyo craft

* Y is for Yolk
* Y is for Yummy
* Y is for Yellow
* Y is for Yellow (2; see also)
* Yellow jacket craft
* Yoda lunch
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* Sesame Street: I Wanna Know Y

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