Letter of the Week: Z

Z is for Zebra, via Raising and Teaching a Smarty Pants
Give yourself and your child a big back on the back; you've gone through every letter but the last! This week, show your child an upper- and lowercase Z and tell him what sound it makes: "Z says zzzz." Then brainstorm words with the Z sound. Today you might also eat some Z foods, like zucchini (or zucchini bread) or zoo animal crackers. Then move on to one or more of the Z crafts and activities, below.

For more about Letter of the Week activities, click here.  

* Z is for Zebra (see also)
* Z is for Zipper-stamped Zebra
* Zebra size sort, simple puzzle, and more
* Zebra count, lacing, graphing, and more
* Zebra mask craft (see also here, here, and here)
* Zebra hand print craft
* Zebra paper bag craft
* Zebra in the Zoo craft
* Zebra lunch

* Z is for Zipper
* Z is for Zipper (2)
* Z is for Zoo
* Z is for Zoo (2)
* Zoo preschool unit study
* Zoo animal tracks activity
* Zoo craft (consider using a zebra instead of a lion)
* Z is for Zig Zag
* Zig Zag vehicle track activity
* Z is for Zzzzzz
* Phonics: Letter Z
* Sesame Street: Letter Z
* Sesame Street: Kermit Talks About the Letter Z
* Sesame Street: Z Zebra Song
* Sesame Street: Looking for the Letter Z
* Sesame Street: Z Z Blues
* Sesame Street: Z is for Zebra

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