Last Minute Easter Ideas that Point to Jesus

* Make Resurrection Buns. These are SO easy! Even toddlers can help make them - and I've yet to meet a kid who wasn't delighted with how the buns turn up empty when they bite into them.

* Make Empty Tomb Cookies. These are slightly more involved, but still fun.

* Make Resurrection Eggs for the Easter hunt. It's really easy if you use the printables found here. Or take it one step further and create 3-D items for the eggs. A similar idea is to put together an Easter basket with elements from the true Easter story.

Found on Pinterest. Original source unknown.
* Put a little forethought into the food for Easter. For example, by arranging cut fruit into a cross, you point to the true meaning of the holiday. Or turn donuts into empty tombs. (See other examples here and here.) Or make pretzels into crosses. Or make the bread into a crown of thorns.  Or make a simple breakfast of bacon and eggs something to remember.

* Have the kids make an easy Easter playset, complete with Jesus, angels, and Roman soldiers.

* Make a cross "wreath" for the front door. Here's a nice example.

* A lot of children's Easter crafts forget to explain why Easter is so important to our salvation. Remedy that with this simple "paid in full" craft that turns pennies into a cross.
Via Mom on Time Out.

* Make a simple paper chain garland with your kids. Write the many names of Jesus - one on each chain.

* Provide an Easter treat for a family or children in need. It doesn't take much time to put together some Easter baskets for the children, or a box with meal fixings for the whole family. Be sure to include something that tells the true story of Easter and what it means - perhaps a tact or a children's picture book.

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