Letter of the Week: S

S is for Snail, via Totally Tots.
This week, try having a breakfast that includes strawberries. Say: "Sssstrawberries start with an S. S says sssss, like a snake. Ssssnake starts with S, too!" Then brainstorm other words that start with S. Be sure to show your child what an upper- and lowercase S look like. Later in the day, you might eat salad, spaghetti, a sandwich, seafood, sherbet, soup, spinach, squash, or stew. Be sure to also chose one or more S crafts or activities, below:

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* S is for Spider
* S is for Spider (2)
* Spider hand print craft 
* Spider counting printable
* Spider hat
* Spider leg counting
* Spider Oreo treat (A healthier alternative: Instead of a cookie, use crackers with peanut butter or cream cheese filling.)

* Spider krispie snacks
* Spider individual pizzas
* Spider deviled eggs
* S is for Superhero (see also)
* Superhero unit
* S is for (Spotted) Snake
* Number, letter, or color Snakes
* Toilet paper roll Snake craft
* Spiral paper plate Snake craft
* Paper chain Snake craft
* Snake snack
* Snake snack (2)
* S is for Swan (see also)
* S is for Scarf
* S is for Spaghetti
* S is for Snail
* S is for Squirrel
* S is for Snowman
* S is for Snow
* S is for Snow (2)
* S is for Squares and Stars
* S is for Seahorse
* S is for Seahorse (2)
* S is for Shiny Silver
* S is for Stripes
* S is for Seeds
* S is for Sand
* S is for Sewing
* S is for Skunk
* S is for Swirls
* S is for Sunshine and Sailboats in the Sea
* Phonics: Letter S
* Sesame Street: Letter S
* Sesame Street: Sammy the Snake
* Sesame Street: Bubba's Word Emporium: S
* Sesame Street: Grover and Letter S

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