Finding God Every Day

" We are the clay, you are the potter, we are all the work of your hand."  Is. 64:8
Before I had children, I had what now seems like endless time to find God everywhere. I noticed him over my morning cup of tea. I talked to him as I traveled to the Post Office or grocery store. I thought about him while sorting laundry. I saw him in the lovely sunset, or in the twinkling stars. But now that I'm a busy mom, I must be more intentional about finding God every single day.

Moms are stretched in every direction, multi-tasking as if we have a hundred arms. Yet precisely because we are so scattered, and it's so difficult to find time with God, it's more important than ever for us to seek out God and spend time with him.

Personally, I find it easiest to find God first thing in the morning, as I lay in bed getting my eyes fully open. Now that my children are old enough they don't need me the instant they wake up, I can take a few minutes upon waking to pray and read the Bible. Another place I can reliably find God is in the garden. Somehow, working in the soil, among miraculous plants that sprouted from tiny seeds, in a setting somewhat similar to the original human-God conversational walks, makes it easier for me to ponder and pray.

Where you find God may be different. In fact, it might be different next year than it is today. But you must actively seek him out. Pay attention to those times when it's easiest to find God in your day. Then intentionally mark out minutes for those special times.

If you do, your relationship with God will continue to grow and mature. And a spiritually mature woman is what your husband and children most need.

Shape us, oh Lord! Let us be clay in your hands. Help us to find you every single day.

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