Best FREE Paper Dolls for Boys

Both of my children love paper dolls - yes, even my little boy. And I don't mind, because there are some great boyish paper dolls out there, paper dolls are excellent creative play toys, and they are great for developing scissor skills. I usually print them out on cardstock, and they hold up well. I also give the children shoe boxes or shirt boxes (left over from Christmas) to hold their paper doll collections. Also, you can turn any of these into magnetic paper dolls simply by printing on magnetic paper and cutting off the tabs.

To see my favorite paper dolls overall, visit my Pinterest Paper Doll page. But for my favorite boy's paper dolls, look below.

(P.S. Don't want to bother printing out paper dolls? Scroll to the bottom of this page for some great, affordable paper dolls you can purchase.

P.P.S. Some of these sets come with girls and women. I usually give these to my daughter; if you prefer, you can just cut out the boy/man stuff and throw the rest away.)

Best Free Paper Dolls for Boys:

"Boy Paper Dolls" via KatMarie's.
* "Wee Willy:" Cowboy, Indian, baseball player, police man, and more.

* "Boy Paper Dolls:" Pirate, sailor, solider, and more.

* "White Knight:" From Alice in Wonderland.

* "Knight Paper Doll:" With three different suits of armor.

* "Sir Gawain:" Another knight.

* "Friends at School:" Pilgrim costume and more.

* "Dress Up a Halloweenie:" Despite the title, these could just be viewed as generic costumes; pirate, skeleton, and more.

* "Igloo Kids:" Eskimo theme.

* "The Puritan Twins:" After the book, which is free.


* "American Family of the Pilgrim Period:" Father, mother, son, and daughter.

* "American Family of the Civil War Period:" Grandparents, parents, and two boys and one girl..

Space Man via Smart Chicks Commune
* "Paper Dolls of History:" Color your own paper men from ancient times.

* "Space Man:"  Old fashioned astronaut.

* "Film Fashions:" Scottish bagpipe player, pirate, and other historical costumes.

* "King Louis XVI:" Click through the images for other men of the period.

* "Heroes of Fiction:"  Robinson Caruso, Hamlet, Rip van Winkle, Ben Hur, and others.

* "Colonial America:" Man and woman.
Superman via More Puppetry

* "Tiny Littles Paper Dolls:" Cowboy, Victorian gentleman, pirate, and more.

* "Nursery Rhymes:" Boys with Mother Goose outfits (scroll down).

* "Star Trek:" Spock. Click here for complete list of outfits.

* "Super Man:" Also Thor.

* "Color Your Own Superheroes:" Generic, with movable limbs.

Paper Dolls to Purchase for Boys:

* "Jordan the Sports Boy" 90 cents

* "North American Indian Boy and Girl" $4.45

* "Monkey Family Sticker Paper Dolls" $4.46 (There's also "Dinosaur Family Sticker Paper Dolls")

* "Curious George Paper Dolls" $6.26

* "American Pioneer Family Paper Dolls" $6.26

* "George Washington and His Family" $6.26

* "Joey Magnetic Dress Up" $12.22 Made of sturdy wood

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