Princess Books - for Christian Girls

Love it or hate it, princesses are popular - way popular - with young girls. But if you want your princess-loving daughter to shy away from shallow Disney-eque princesses and learn some deeper truths instead, I've got a list for you. Here are books I've personally read to my daughter that we both really enjoy, and that teach truly positive things.

Princess with a Purpose by Kelly Chapman
8 year old Caroline, who loves everything princess, attends Princess Prep School at church. But classes get off to a rocky start when Prissy Crissy tells Caroline: "Don't you know that you need a king as your father and a queen as your mother to be a real princess?" Caroline doesn't have a father - so she concludes she can never be a princess. That night, she dreams she's at Princess Prep School where she learns "a real princess has a heart full of love for her King and others. That's what makes her truly beautiful." Not only that, but she learns our heavenly Father is the one who makes us real princesses. A touching and well told story. Age appeal: about 5 and up.

Good Manners for a Little Princess by Kelly Chapman
This is a spinoff of Princess with a Purpose, and features the same characters - but this time, Caroline learns a different lesson: How to have princess-like manners. The Golden Rule features prominently here, and how it applies even to the "small things" in life. Grace, courtesy, and and kindness are emphasized. Age appeal: about 5 and up.

There are also other materials that tie in with with Chapman's Princess with a Purpose, including curriculum, an activity book, and a DVD.

His Little Princess by Sheri Rose Shepherd
The premise here is simple. On each two-page spread, one side features a "letter from God," while the other side features a "letter from the princess." The letters from God are biblical, while the letters from the princess are really model prayers.This is a book of beautiful messages, where the princess learns God is really her Daddy in Heaven, that he will always love her no matter what, what sort of attitude a true princess needs, how important respect is, that God will always forgive her, that words must be chosen carefully, that she should never be afraid because the King is with her, how to deal with disappointments, that she should have the courage of Queen Esther, how important love is, how to deal with anger, how to learn to apologize, how important it is to resist temptation, and so much more. Age appeal: about 5 and up.

I'd Be Your Princess by Kathryn O'Brien

This is the story of a little girl and her father, who imagine what life would be like if he were a king and she was his princess. The little girl dreams of castles, fancy clothes, adventure, and fun, and her father, for each of these dreams, highlights opportunities for godly character. He speaks of bravery, manners, kindness, generosity, and more. Every character trait is supported with quotes from the Bible. Age appeal: about 2 and up.

The Princess and the Three Knights by Karen Kingsbury
In this beautiful book about what the true meaning of love is, the King holds a contest to see who will marry his lovely princess. But in the end, one knight admits he won't perform the last of the King's tests because he won't put the princess in harm's way. The author concludes: "The knight was brave and strong, loyal and kind. But most of all, his faith in God had taught him that true love always protects..." And so the princess - and the King - choose him. Age appeal: about 4 and up.

Princess Parables by Jeanna Young

This is a series of books that retell parables from the Bible. As an example, I'll highlight Princess Joy's Birthday Blessings, which reflects Luke 14:12-14. The king has five daughters - Grace, Faith, Hope, Charity, and Joy. The sisters are having a surprise birthday party for Joy, but the princesses and princes of the land all give excuses about why they can't come.When Joy and her father learn of this, Joy decides to ask peasant children to come. In the end, Joy feels the party is the best she's ever been to. Age appeal: about 4 and up.

The Princess Twins by Mona Hodgson
This is a set of level 1 reading books. As an example, I'll talk about The Princess Twins and Play in the Garden. Emma is a prissy princess who focuses too much on being beautiful and clean. When a peasant girls accidentally kicks a muddy ball into Emma's dress, Emma is at first upset. But when girl apologizes with tears in her eyes, Emma hugs her and decides to join the game the girl was playing. When the peasant girls' mother comes to fetch her children, she calls Emma and Abby "lovely girls." Just then, a ladybug lands on Emma's dress...and she smiles. "Thank you, God, for a lovely day," Emma says. Age appeal: about 3 and up.

New Life Bible for Girls
This is a New Life Version Bible, which is a good choice for children who are ready for a real Bible, but need an easy to understand translation. Throughout are modest "princesses," including Sarah, Miriam, Deborah, Hannah, Ruth, Esther, Mary Magdalene, Lydia, and others. There are also trivia pages, sidebars, and other interesting additions. Visually, it's very attractive, and all the additional text focuses on inner beauty and being a person of faith and character. Age appeal: about 6 and up.


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  1. Oh my goodness, I was looking up wonderberries, that sent me here(your blog name didn't hurt you a mite, my favorite passage to meditate on). Intrigued if the rest of your blog was quite as cute I went to your main page, his has me smiling from ear to ear. My two year old has a princess obsesion, she has seen frozen three times(but after the first time she was gone to princess land) it's a cute movie but not something I really want my little girl emulating. Your book list is a life saver, we are kind of out of touch living in Germany and I want to encourage her new love but in the proper direction, she is God's little princess after all!