Free Art History Curriculum: Claude Monet

Monet painted the bridge in his garden many times, over many seasons.
Claude Monet: b.November 14, 1840 in Paris, France (find it on the globe) d. December 5, 1926 in Giverny, France (find it on the globe)

Style: Impressionist (Learn more about impressionism here.)

See some of Claude Monet's paintings here.

Be sure to give your child plenty of time to study each work of art. Ask: Do you see any similarities between Monet's paintings and Van Gogh's or Da Vinci's? How is Monet's art different? How does Monet use color and shade to create a certain mood? How does Monet use brush strokes? Whose sunflowers painting came first: Monet's or Van Gogh's? How do Monet's paintings make you feel?

* Short biography of Claude Monet
* Longer biography of Monet
* Coloring page: "Water Lilies" (to print, right click and save to your computer, then print)
* Coloring page: "La Promenade"
* Coloring page: "Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies"
* Coloring page: "Sunflowers"
* Activity: Tape resist Monet-inspired painting
* Activity: Watercolor and oil Monet-inspired painting
* Activity: Create a 3D water lily
* Activity: Crayon resist Monet-inspired painting
* Video: Claude Monet for Kids
* Video: Linnea in Monet's Garden  (Netflix also carries this in DVD form; the movie is based on this book)
* Video: Footage of Monet's real gardens (also here)
* Video: Impressionist painting for kids: chalk pastels
* Video: Paint Like Monet: A Beginner's Guide

Learn more about this free art history curriculum for kids, plus a list of all artists covered so far, by clicking here.

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