Teaching Children to Tie Shoelaces - a Neat Trick

In our modern society, with it's oh-so-easy Velcro shoes and hurried pace, a lot of children are learning to tie their shoes at an older age than they used to. At our house, my just-turned 9 year old was having a terrible time consistently tying her shoes. She's a smart girl, but learning to tie shoe laces isn't all that easy. And no doubt I contributed to her problem by saying things like, "Hurry up! We'll be late! Just throw on your flip flops!"

So recently, I searched the Internet for shoe tying ideas. There are tons of them. But the simplest one I found - and the one that WORKED - was the one in the video below. If your child can cross his or her shoe laces and create the "knot" that is the basis for bows, they can master this method of shoe tying in about 1 minute!


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