Free Art History Curriculum: Mary Cassatt

One of Cassatt's most famous paintings is "The Child's Bath"
Mary Cassatt: b. May 22, 1844 in Allegheeny City, Pennsylvania (find it on the map) d. June 14, 1926 at Ch√Ęteau de Beaufresne, near Paris (find it on the globe)

Style: Impressionist

See some of Cassatt's most famous paintings. (You may also view her complete works here.)

Be sure to give your child plenty of time to study each work of art. Ask: Mary Cassatt is the first woman artist we've studied. Why do you think there are fewer famous women artists than there are men? What were some of Cassatt's favorite subjects? Why do you think she painted so many children? What do you feel when you look at Cassatt's paintings? What do you think the people in her paintings are feeling? What do you notice about Cassatt's use of brush strokes, color, and light?

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* National Gallery of Art: Mary Cassatt
* Mary Cassatt at the Louvre, c. 1880, by Degas. (Degas and Cassatt were friends. What does Degas' pastel tell you about his thoughts on Cassatt?)
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* Coloring page: Young Mother Sewing
* Coloring page: Susan on Balcony Holding a Dog
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* Video: Mary Cassatt: American Impressionist
* Video: The Boating Party
* Activity: Monoprinting (also called monotypes), like Cassatt (also here)
* Activity: Mary Cassatt hats
* Activity: Painting mothers and children

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