Our Tiny House Motor Home Bedroom: Before & After!

It's taken me over a month, working in bursts between homeschooling, working, and housework, but I finally finished painting our tiny house motor home bedroom! It was a lot of work...but worth it. Even my husband - who, although he was okay with me painting and decorating as I wish, said he really liked all the wood cabinets, that he didn't like "light and bright" and preferred a dark house, that he really didn't like blue for the walls...even he says the room looks brand new and relaxing.(Yay!)

The process of transforming the bedroom was a long one for several reasons. For one, I don't have a babysitter (and of course every time I tried to work on the motor home, the kids started fighting). For another, the space around the bed is meant for laying on - not cleaning and painting. I spent a lot of time in weird positions and on my very sore knees. Finally, the cabinets were really dirty, and much of the stain came off when I cleaned them. I spent much more time cleaning than sanding, priming, or painting.

Now, let's start with some before pictures:
This bedding came with the motor home and made the room look darker. You can't see it here, but the finish on the wood was uneven and really worn in many places.
This is after washing everything and sanding it down.
The first coat of primer.

And now after:
Notice that the side tables were originally covered in faded baby blue formica. I sanded the formica, primed, and painted.

A little note on the paint. I had a very specific shade of blue in mind. I never did find it, and almost every paint chip I looked at had a gray undertone - not at all what I wanted. We get a lot of gray skies, so I wanted something that would brighten the room even when there wasn't much sun out. I ended up with a color called Clear Blue Sky - and now the room does have the feel of blue sky with white clouds...even on a very gray day, as it was when I took the "after" photos. As for the cabinet paint, I used INSL-X Cabinet Coat and I highly recommend it! It's very forgiving and brush marks don't show. The color has a pinkish undertone.

P.S. My husband just walked by and saw me posting the before and after pictures. And what did he say? "Guess which one I like better? The before." Phooey.

UPDATE: My husband wishes to clarify that he doesn't like the "before" because of the bedspread, or even the colors chosen for the room. "I just like lots of dark wood," he says. 


  1. MEN!!! Lol My husband's favorite colors are darks - grays, browns, navy, hunter green. I'm all about pale turquoise, white, light gray, etc. Opposites attract! Lol I think the after looks VERY nice. Love the white, much more modern.

  2. Wonderful transformation; I'm sure he appreciates all you do. Most men lean towards a more masculine look which the transformed bedroom is definitely not. Thank you for continuing to share :-)

  3. I agree it's not exactly masculine, but he approved every single choice in the room :)

  4. I like it. It certainly brightens up the space and makes it feel open. Good work!

  5. I love it! You did an awesome jog! You are such an inspiration. Now when we get our RV I got to show this to my husband, so he will give me permission to do the same. Ha! :)

    PS Try putting the before bedding on the bed and ask your husband to see what he says. Sometimes he just wants the blue/ green color scheme instead of a flowery pink one. :)

    1. Tereza, I convinced my husband white cabinets would look better by showing him before and after pics on Pinterest :) Oh, and he helped me pick the bedding, believe it or not. Although I admit I think he sometimes just says "yes" to things because he doesn't want to think about things like bedding LOL He really likes all the dark wood, even though he admits the rv has too much brown. So I'm trying to think of ways to keep more of the wood showing in other rooms.

  6. My husband likes dark wood too. When we got married he already had a house fully furnished (he was a 39 y.o. bachelor) so I didn't change much. Our bedroom furniture is a dark reddish brown wood. For 14 years now I have been wanting to change it. It is so big so dark. But I know how to pick my fights. Our kitchen (where I spend most of my time) is big, full of light and has white cabinets with gold light tones granite counter tops. :) When we sell this house and move, I am definitely ditching the dark furniture though. :) Have a Happy New Year! May 2015 be full of adventures! :)