Free Art History Curriculum: Grandma Moses

"Sugaring Off" is one of Grandma Moses' famous paintings.
Grandma Moses (Anna Mary Robertson): b. September 7, 1860 in Greenwich, New York (find it on the map) d. December 13, 1961 in Hoosick Falls, New York (find it on the map) 

Style: Folk/Naive Art

See some of Grandma Moses' most famous paintings.

Be sure to give your child plenty of time to study each work of art. Ask: What sort of stories do Grandma Moses' paintings tell? Where do you think she got her inspiration? Do her paintings look realistic to you? Do they appear "flat" or three-dimensional? By looking at her paintings, do you think you can tell what Moses valued in life? How is her work different from other artists we've studied? How is it similar? How does her work make you feel? What makes Moses' work "folk art?" (For help with that last question, click here.)

* Biography of Grandma Moses
* Another bio of Moses
* Video: Grandma Moses
* Video: Women Artists: Grandma Moses
* Power Point: Grandma Moses
* Coloring page: Several Grandma Moses paintings, plus an image of the artist to color
* Coloring page: Harper's Ferry
* Activity: Moses was famous for seasonal paintings; choose a season (or use all four) to create a Moses-inspired landscape.
* Activity: Perspective in art
* Activity: A Moses-style landscape.

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