Free Art History Curriculum: Grant Wood

American Gothic is far and away Wood's most famous painting.
Grant Wood: b. February 13, 1891 in Anamosa, Iowa (find it on the map) d. February 12, 1942 in Iowa City, Iowa (find it on the map) 

Style: Realist/Regionalism

See some of Wood's most famous paintings.

Be sure to give your child plenty of time to study each work of art. Ask: When you look at American Gothic, what do you think the people in it are thinking? Why do you think Wood named the painting American Gothic? Looking at Wood's other works, what sort of paintings do you think he preferred creating? How does Wood use color? Texture? Shape? Shade and light? How do his paintings make you feel? How do you think the artist felt about farming? About the farmlands of America?

* Biography of Grant Wood
* Power point biography of Grant Wood
* The story behind American Gothic
* See a photo of the real life models for American Gothic
* Coloring page: American Gothic
* Famous paintings are often imitated; look for some American Gothic parodies (NOTE: You may wish to select a few you feel are appropriate for your child to view.)
* Video: Biography of Grant Wood
* Activity: Portraits Inspired by Grant Wood 
* Activity: Grant Wood style landscapes
* Activity: Wood was known for painting textures; rub a leaf, then try to duplicate the look with just colored pencils
* Activity: Wood-inspired collage

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