How I'm Feeling About Our Tiny House Motor Home NOW

The RV's living room, in all it's brown and blue "glory."
As you probably remember, I wasn't thrilled when my husband announced his idea for tiny house living. And when he bought our tiny house motor home, I was even less thrilled. But a little time and a lot of prayer has passed - and things have changed.

First, I want to make it clear that most of my objections to tiny house living had to do with the fact that I hate surprises and change. My husband is a thinker. He'll thoroughly think and pray things through before he makes a decision. (In this case, I'm pretty sure he's been thinking and praying about our tiny house motor home for a few years!) But he didn't share his thoughts with me until days before purchasing our motor home. I needed time to process the change.

But now, I believe the pros far outweigh the cons. Are there going to be aspects of tiny house living I won't love? Yep. But there are going to be so many good - really, wonderfully good - things about it, too. Unfortunately, the best things I can't share with you yet. But suffice it to say, this change is going to give our family more love, more support, and more freedom than ever before. That is what life is about, folks!

And call me a slow, but I'm learning I'm a pretty fortunate woman to have such a great man as my husband. The common advice is that wives shouldn't compare their husbands to other men, their lives to other people's lives - but in my case, recently doing so has made me more fully appreciate my life and the man who wears the ring I gave him 14 years ago. The struggles of the past few months have taught me that my husband has greatly grown as a man of God, and that he wants nothing more than to please God - and me - in that order. He is faithful, honorable, and trying. Yes, trying. He's not perfect - but he strives to be the man God wants him to be. What an awesome thing! What more could I ask?

So yes - I am all for this change of lifestyle. In fact, I can't wait to move into our tiny house motor home!

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