Our Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

Of all our Christmas traditions, I think my kids most look forward to putting up our nativity scene...and making cookies. And truthfully, making cookies is an easy way to say you're thinking about someone during the Christmas season. Just cover the treats in red or green plastic wrap, or make a simple homemade cookie container, and you're ready to hand the cookies over and put a smile on someone's face.

So with this sort of good will in mind, here are my family's favorite Christmas cookies to make and give away...or to scarf down ourselves.

Spiced Molasses Cookies - Oh my goodness, these are my favorite cookies ever!  And since coconut oil and molasses are both super foods, you can feel extra good about giving (and eating) these gems. (Wink.)

Melted Snowman Cookies - The kids love making these super easy, fun cookies. Just use your favorite sugar cookie recipe (or my favorite, which you can find below), a little icing, and some marshmallows. You can also use a gingerbread cookie recipe, if you prefer. (Worried about unhealthy marshmallows? You could try organic, corn syrup free marshmallows, or you could make your own, from scratch, healthy marshmallows.)

Gingerbread Cookies - It's hard to beat this traditional cookie. It's perfect for using with cookie cutters - and what kid doesn't love making a mess decorating them with icing and sprinkles? I use a very simple glaze for these cookies: A little powdered (confectioner's) sugar with just enough water stirred in to make a thin paste. Use a pastry brush to brush it onto the cookies, then add sprinkles or other edible decorations, if you like. You can also add a drop or two of food coloring to the glaze.

Sugar Cookies - Again, these are great for using with cookie cutters. I omit the salt in this recipe and use that same simple powdered sugar glaze on them as I use on gingerbread cookies.

Russian Tea Cake Cookies - A friend introduced me to these years ago. They are so pretty - and tasty!

Grinchy Cookies - Because it's just plain hard to beat chocolate chip cookies for taste - and these remind me of evergreen faith - or the Grinch - whichever you prefer! (If you want something even more Grinchy, check out these cookies. I haven't tried them, but they sure are cute!)

Double Chocolate Chip M&M Cookies - They look festive if the M&Ms are red and green, and I've yet to meet someone who doesn't like them!

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