How to Make a "From the Owners" Binder When Selling Your Home

Last week, when I shared my house showing checklists, I promised to share more information about my "From the Owners" binder. This is something our Realtor asked me to do, but even before we actively sought out an agent, I saw this idea online and had started working on it.* Basically, the binder consists of info on what you love about your home  - including some things Realtors aren't legally allowed to say. Buyers are looking at our "From the Owners" binder, too; I know because the edges of the papers are starting to look handled. And perhaps it contributed to the two offers we've received on our house, within three days of listing. (Hallelujah!)

Writing a "From the Sellers" Note

First, I kept the writing to one page and used lots of bullet points to make it easy to skim through or read quickly. (The example I originally saw was several pages, with each page having it's own title; for our modest home, I felt this was overkill. I also think buyers are more likely to read something that's short.)

I began with a little welcome, then noted our favorite "special features," including little conversational notes about them, where appropriate. For example, when I mentioned our large backyard, I noted that we'd had room for chickens, a veggie garden, a large play structure, a picnic table...and there was still room for the children to ride their bikes or run around.

I also made note that we have hardwood floors under the carpet - and I included some photos of them from when we tore out the old carpet.

Next, I talked a bit about the neighborhood. I mentioned the neighbors, saying they were quiet, and that there are many families with school aged children nearby. I also brought up the two parks and the public pool that are within easy walking distance.

Finally, my Realtor suggested I include information about our utilities, because she says "everyone asks about them." For our area, ours are low or reasonable, so I went ahead and added that info.

I also considered including photos of the yard at different times of year. This can be really helpful for buyers to see, especially if you're selling in fall and winter - and especially if your landscaping is pretty. I decided against this, since none of my photos showed the yard exactly as it is now. (I've removed some plants so I can take them with me.)

Putting It All Together

To make the photos and flyer more attractive and useful, I put them in plastic sheet protectors and then in a fresh, new binder. When there is a showing, I open the binder and place it on the kitchen table, which is near the front door and difficult to miss.

All in all, the "From the Owners" binder didn't take me long to create, yet it creates a feeling of openness and warmth while also giving potential buyers with some information they might not otherwise receive.

* I wish I could credit the source, but I just don't remember it.


  1. I like that idea. We sold our house without a realtor, but I still typed up some important facts about when updates and repairs were done and gave some basic info. The binder is nice!

  2. great idea! Will definitely try to create one. I think we got our house on the market. :D