Easy DIY Farmhouse Style Toothbrush Holder

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 Our old suburban bathroom had a luxurious amount of counter space. Our new rural homestead bathroom has almost none. Organizing it is a bit of a challenge, and the toothbrush situation has been driving me to distraction. Four toothbrushes - plus a special toothbrush for my daughter's retainer - all strewn across one sink, along with toothpaste and soap...It was constant mess.

I looked both locally and online to find a toothbrush holder that would hold that many toothbrushes - some electric, with thicker handles than the manual kind - to no avail. Everything was either too breakable, too small, or too chintzy or cheap looking. (And, occasionally, more than I wanted to pay.) So last weekend, I whipped up a super easy solution that also fits in with my farmhouse vision for this house. And I did it all with stuff I had on hand.

First I'll walk you through how I made the toothbrush holder at zero cost, then I'll show you some simple and inexpensive ways to customize the look.
The commercially made inspiration for this project.

How to Make a Farmhouse Style Toothbrush Holder

You will need:

One pint sized canning jar with lid and screw band (I used a widemouth jar)
Small piece of chicken wire
Wire cutters

1. Lay the chicken wire flat on a hard surface and place the jar lid over it. Use the lid as a template for cutting the chicken wire into a circle the same size as the lid. Be sure to use wire cutters!

2. Lay the circle of chicken wire inside the canning jar ring.

3. Screw the ring onto the jar.

Viola! It doesn't get any easier than that!


* Use one of the "heritage" canning jars, which come in blue, green, and purple.

* Color the jar any color you like; there are many methods for doing this: This basic method; distressed method; "sea glass" look; metallic look; or colored glass look.

* Use any type wire mesh you have on hand, as long as a toothbrush will fit in the holes.

* Use a store-bought toothbrush insert for the jar, like this or this or this.

* Not crafty? Buy the Mason jar that inspired this project!

* Want a matching soap dispenser? That's really easy, too. Just purchase a pump! (This foaming pump insert works, too.)

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