How I've Blown It As a Mom

It was supposed to be a vacation in a warm, sunny place. It was going to be a time to see my Dad and catch up with two of my aunts. I was in the middle of our big move, so I wanted it to be relaxing, too. Instead, the day before my children and I flew out of state for the visit, I got a serious phone call: My Dad was in the ICU.

Our relaxing little vacation turned into hospital time (wearing sweltering hot hospital gowns and nitrile gloves, no less), worrying over and praying for my Dad. It wasn't all bad, though. Soon after we went home, my Dad was sent home, too. While we were there, we got to enjoy a few of the sights - even if they were mostly in the hospital courtyard. And I did get to re-connect with my aunts.

My aunts and I spent a lot of time in Dad's house, trying to find things to do. We vacuumed away his cobwebs. We washed up the still-boxed, non-aluminum cookware he'd been given for Christmas and put in the cupboards. And one of my aunts blessed me so richly. She said, "Kristina, you're a really good Mom." "Your kids are just as they should be." "You're doing a wonderful job with your children."

What a balm to my heart! Bless my aunt for knowing that today's moms need to hear these things so very desperately!

And it made me realize what a blessing I could be to other moms. When was the last time I told a mom she was doing a great job at this messy mothering thing? Honestly, I couldn't remember. Maybe never. In fact, I realized, I'd totally blown it! As a mom, I was in the perfect position to know how needed these words are, yet I'd never used them.

I am now absolutely determined to change that - to make it something I say regularly - to the bored moms who sit around on the bleachers at swim lessons. To the exhausted moms I see in the grocery store checkout line. To my friends who are moms. To my family who are moms. To the mom with the grumpy toddler in the restaurant. To the mom with the eye rolling teen at the airport. To moms in church, to moms in doctor's offices - to moms everywhere.

Will you join me in this challenge? Will you give a mom the encouragement she deeply needs, simply and easily, by saying: "You're doing a wonderful job!"

Title image courtesy of  gajus / 123RF Stock Photo.

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