The Best Empty Tomb Easter Ideas on the Net

Over the years, I've shared lots of ideas for making Easter more meaningful for your children. But now that my kids are getting older - the youngest not quite beyond the Easter egg hunt, but still having a much better understanding of what Easter is all about - I'm striving to set up more reminders about Easter's deeper meaning. The empty tomb is an easy, graphic symbol of what Easter truly means, and this year, I hope to incorporate some of these ideas:

Empty tomb donut, via Catholic Icing.
* Empty Tomb Cake. This is a fun project to do with the kids. All you need is a Pyrex bowl or a domed cake pan. Here's a variation that might be even easier.

* Empty Tomb Donut. It doesn't get any easier than this! Just plop a donut onto a cracker and viola! An empty tomb craft/decoration/dessert! Here's a variation on this activity, which also uses a donut hole. Another variation uses half a bundt cake.

* Empty Tomb Pineapple. Ha! It's just like the donut project, but made with a slice of pineapple!

* Empty Tomb made with Cookies. Also super-easy. Use store bought or homemade cookies to make this Easter display.

* Empty Tomb Cookies. This is a fantastic way to really garner the interest of younger kids. You help them make cookies that turn into empty tombs overnight.
Empty Tomb Garden, via Uncommon Designs.

* Empty Tomb Garden Pot. If you have a green thumb, grab a pot, some small rocks, and some grass seed to create a lovely Easter display.

* Resurrection Buns. Similar to Empty Tomb Cookies, but much easier. This is a tradition in our house, and one that my children love.

* Play Dough or Salt Dough Tomb. A fun craft for grade schoolers.

* Moving Empty Tomb. A free printable for younger kids, which uses a comic strip that moves through the hole in the empty tomb to tell the story of Easter.

* Empty Tomb Made of Legos. Self explanatory...and you'll know if this is THE activity for your kid!

* Empty Tomb Play Box. This is perfect for very young children. The instructions aren't specific to Easter, but you can easily tie this into an Easter picture book, plus playtime.

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