We Now Have GMO Rice

Because rice is relatively high on the glycemic index (meaning it spikes blood sugar), I've never considered it a health food. However, I know many people who consume it regularly...and it's widely found in processed food. Now, though, there's a new reason to avoid rice: The FDA has approved the sale of GMO rice in the United States.

Although this rice cannot currently be planted in the U.S. (it needs approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for this to happen), it can be imported into the United States.

To avoid GMO rice, you will need to follow all the same steps you would to avoid any GMO plant:

1. Buy only certified organic rice. If it's organic, it automatically cannot be GMO.

2. Avoid processed foods with rice-based ingredients. This includes: rice germ, rice bran, rice protein, rice flour, rich starch, rice syrup, and rice blends.

Other GMO foods currently available in the U.S. are:

* Corn
* Soy
* Sugar beets
* Papaya
* Zucchini and yellow summer squash
* Canola (rapeseed)
* Cottonseed
* Salmon
* Apples
* Potatoes

The trickiest part about avoiding GMOs is tht they can hide in processed food, infant formula, and even vitamins.

To learn more about why I recommend avoiding GMOs, and further information on where to find them, click here.

* Cover image courtesy of Ozzy Delaney

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