Raising Chickens: It's SO Easy!

How Easy Is It to Raise Chickens Hens
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Once upon a time, not that long ago, most Americans grew a bit of food and raised some chickens...even if they lived in the city. (Yep, that's right!) We can argue about why that changed, but my point is simply that raising a little food has long been considered smart: more frugal and more self-sufficient.

Today, it's also perfectly possible to have egg-laying chickens in nearly any setting - though I doubt you'd get away with it in a modern city. (Ha!) I know a lot of people living in the suburbs and in rural areas who've thought about raising hens, yet are convinced it's just not worth the effort. But not only are home raised eggs cheaper than store bought, but they are also much healthier and better-tasting, too! (For more about the differences between store bought and backyard eggs, click here.) And, contrary to what many people believe, chickens are super easy keepers.

Day in the Life of a Chicken Keeper

I don't think there's a better way to explain how easy chicken-raising is than to give you a glimpse into our homestead chicken life.

1. In the morning, sometime after the sun is up, open up the hen house so the chickens can get out.

2. Take a quick peek at the chickens' waterers to make sure they have enough clean water for the day.

3. Go do other things.

4. After dinner, head back to the coop and feed the chickens and check their water again.

5. Collect eggs.

6. Go do other things.

7. When it gets dusky and the chickens are all back in the coop, close and lock the coop door to keep out predators.


Yes, it really is that easy! In all, I don't spend even 10 minutes a day caring for our hens. Check out the video below to SEE my chicken-keeping day for yourself.

Additional chores that need doing once in a while include removing manure from the hen house and adding fresh bedding. Tough stuff, there! (wink)

So if you've been thinking about getting chickens, I encourage you to do it right away. Fall and winter are great times to get set up, searching Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for coops and gradually buying other chicken supplies online or at local feed stores. Then, come spring, you'll be all set to buy chicks or hens!

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