The Ultimate Dandelion Medicine Book is here!

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After years of using dandelions medicinally for myself and my family, after many months of additional research into dandelion science, and after even more months of writing and editing, The Ultimate Dandelion Medicine Book is now available!

Dandelions are my favorite wild edible and medicinal plant because almost everyone already knows them...and takes them for granted. They are the blossom children love and adults spray to eradicate - but it hasn't always been that way. In fact, dandelions were purposefully brought to North America by immigrants who valued the plant as both food and medicine. With a history of use going back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, modern science has shown this common weed is useful for treating a number of ailments.

The Ultimate Dandelion Medicine Book will help you to learn how life-changing dandelion medicine can be. You'll discover:

* What each part of the dandelion is used for.
* What conditions the plant treats.
* How to properly dose dandelion medicine.
* What recent scientific studies have been conducted on dandelion medicine.

In addition, you'll discover over 40 recipes for making dandelion tinctures, teas, capsules, decoctions, salves, oils, baths, poultices, vinegars, and more.

I've purposefully made this book inexpensive so that more people can learn about herbal medicine and the value of this common weed. You can buy it inexpensively in full-color Kindle format (which can be read on nearly any device; learn more about that here) or as a very affordable paperback with black and white photos. It also makes a terrific gift, especially when paired with my bestselling The Ultimate Dandelion Cookbook!

I hope the book will be a blessing to you.

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