Spotting Sugar's Sneaky Names - with a FREE Printable List to Take Shopping!

Other Names for Sugar
Even though my family doesn't eat much processed food, I've been shocked to learn how many food products we used to buy that contain sugar. That's not because I didn't used to read food labels. I do that pretty diligently because I've been fooled before. It's because sugar hides under all kinds of sneaky names.

No wonder the nation's health is so compromised! I'm finding sugar hidden in nearly everything, including dairy products, condiments, "non-sugary" drinks, and "no sugar" pectin used for canning!

The science is in. We are killing ourselves with 26 lbs. of sugar per year, according to conservative estimates. (One website I came across claims the figure is closer to 170 lbs. per year!) Sugar, studies show, causes inflammation in the body - and inflammation is linked to pretty much every disease. Sugar puts a strain on our livers, which are working too hard to process it all. Sugar turns off our sensation of satiety while stimulating insulin, which makes us feel hungry. Sugar increases uric acid, which puts us at risk for kidney disease and can lead to gout. And while fat has unjustly been blamed for heart disease, top cardiologists now admit carbs and sugar are likely to blame. Sugar interferes with the way our bodies fight disease (bacteria and yeast feed on sugar, as does cancer). Sugar increases the risk of depression. Sugar decreases cognitive health. Sugar causes metabolic disease, which leads to pre-diabetes, which leads to full-fledged diabetes.

And this doesn't even touch upon the effects sugar made from GMO ingredients (beets and corn) may have on our bodies.
We have a myriad of reasons to reduce or omit sugar in our diet, but this can be difficult when food manufactuerers hide sugar under names you'd likely never guess. Since keeping sugar out of my life is of vital importance because of my diabetes (learn how I reversed my diabetes here), and because I like my children to eat as little sugar as possible, I've spent hours researching the subject. Since I don't want anyone else to have to do that, I've compiled a list for you.

I've also created a handy printable version of the list that's free for the taking. Put it on cardstock. Laminate it, if you like. And pop it in your purse so it's handy while you're shopping. (Click on the image to download it.) Do note that in order to save space on the printable, I had to omit anything with the words "sugar" or "syrup" in them. Both are types of sugar, but they are easy to spot on a food label, too.
Here's to your health!


  1. We use sugar. But not like we use too. Honey and molasses is wonderful

  2. oh sugar, why do we love you so? lol...great info! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good list! Sugar IS in so much, it's hard to avoid for sure! Thanks for the list!

  4. I don't buy much processed food and use as little as possible in my cooking. I find a cake will be just as good with about 10-20% less sugar than the recipe states and I have gradually reduced how much sugar I use in things like stewed fruit.

  5. I cut out most sugar for a year now, rarely use it and feel great! Thanks for the great information

  6. Oh woooow, that's a long list of sneaky ways to simply say sugar! This is some good info, thank you so much for sharing!