Most Popular Posts of the DECADE!

Like everyone else (even my kids!) I'm weirded out that we are now in 2020. (It will take some getting used to, no?) So in addition to blogging about the most popular blog posts of 2019, I thought it would be fun to see what this blog's most popular posts of the decade are. Have you seen them all?

Coming out around the same time as my popular book The Ultimate Dandelion Cookbook, this post has intrigued many!

It's never too late to start growing your own food, and this post from 2012 is a great way to get started!

Although I try, I'm not the world's greatest housekeeper, so it cracks me up that cleaning posts, like this one from 2012, are among this blog's most popular posts.

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes and my doctor instructed me to go on the keto diet. My blood sugar was normal within about three months - and my autoimmune disorder went into remission, and I lost 45 lbs., and my blood pressure and cholesterol returned to normal...Anyway, keto really saved my life, so I'm happy this 2017 post has helped others stick to this healthy way of eating, even during the holidays! (Learn more about how I use keto to treat diabetes here.)

Being Mommy to little kids who were constantly ripping out their jeans inspired me to write this popular 2013 post.


My apron obsession began in 2011, and this post reflects that. (P.S. Check out how little my oldest child was!)


My husband's co-worker giving us a handful of garden-fresh beets is what inspired this popular 2014 post.

2014's cleaning posts - especially this one about my embarrassingly greasy kitchen ceiling - were and are a hit among readers.

This post from 2012 has long been a favorite among homesteaders!

And the #1 most popular post of the decade is:
I'm delighted to say this simple post from 2011 is Proverb 31 Woman's most popular post of the decade!

And while we're at it, here are the most popular posts of 2019. Have you read them yet?

If you're a Walmart shopper, you really must try this. It saves me literal HOURS each shopping trip!


And to think I almost didn't publish this post for fear you wouldn't like it!


I love that enough of you are over-run with backyard eggs that this post has gained popularity!

I'm so happy folks are embracing less sugar in their lives!

This is one of my family's favorite comfort foods!

A warm THANK YOU to each and every one of you for visiting this blog. My goal here, as it was way back in  2009 (when I began blogging) is to help you. Please always feel free to ask questions, to ask me to cover certain topics, or to provide general feedback! Here's to a fabulous new decade!

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