Spring Cleaning Checklist: The Bathroom (with free printable)

Spring Cleaning the Bathroom
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We are living in historic times. I have actually stopped spring cleaning because cleaning supplies are extremely limited or non-existent in our stores, and I want to make sure I have enough on hand for everyday cleaning! BUT if things aren't quite so crazy where you are (and I sincerely pray they aren't), this week's spring cleaning chore is the bathroom. Here's how I do it.

Supplies I recommend for spring cleaning the bathroom include: 

* A couple of dust cloths
* Mop
* Paper or cloth towels
* Windex
* Dawn dish soap
* Q-tips
* An old toothbrush (for scrubbing stubborn spots)
* Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
* Your favorite sink and shower/tub cleaner. (I use Borax.)
* Vacuum

The Procedure:

To print out this checklist, click here.

* Dust the ceiling, and mop it, if needed. (Click here for advice on mopping walls and ceilings.)

* Dust and wipe down vent covers. If needed, use Windex and some Q-tips to get into crevices.

* Dust fixtures. If needed, wipe them down with Windex or remove the shades and wash them in the sink with a little Dawn soap. Replace any needed light bulbs.

* Remove art from the walls, dust, and set aside in another room.

* Remove any curtains and throw them in the wash.

* Remove any throw rugs; wash those that can be washed and shake out those that can't.

* If your shower curtain is washing machine safe, remove it and wash it.

* Dust any blinds.

* Dust walls. If needed, mop the walls or touch them up with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Don't forget to clean light switches and outlets.

* Clean mirrors and windows. Don't forget to clean the window tracks and frames. I like to use Windex and Q-tips to get into the crevices.

* Dust and clean doors and door frames. I like to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for this. Don't forget to clean doorknobs!

* Wipe down all countertops. I use Windex and a cloth.

* Dust the exterior of all cabinets. If needed, use a little Windex and a cloth to get them really clean.

* Remove everything from inside the cabinets. If there's anything you don't use, donate it to charity. Throw away anything that's broken or useless.

* Wipe down the interior of all cabinets. Use a damp sponge or a little Windex and a cloth.

* Put the contents of the cabinets back in place.

* Remove everything from the shower and then scrub the shower down. (Click here for an easy homemade tub and shower cleaner.) If the shower curtain isn't machine washable, scrub it down, too. If you have a tub, scrub it down. (If there's mold on the grout, click here for an easy way to remedy the problem. If soap scum is built up, click here for an easy, natural way to remove it.)

* Empty the trash and wash the trash can outside, using a hose and a little Dawn dish soap.

* Clean the sink. (If you have hard water stains, click here for an easy way to remove them.)

* Clean the toilet; don't forget to clean around the base.

* Vacuum the floors, then mop.

* Replace artwork on dry walls. Re-hang the washed and dried curtains. Replace throw rugs.

You're done!

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