Spring Cleaning Checklist: Hall & Storage (with free printable)

Spring Cleaning Checklist
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I apologize for not getting up a spring cleaning post last week. I know that while some of us have put spring cleaning on hold due to a shortage of cleaning supplies, others are using this time to get your house in order. At any rate, this week is a great time to handle the hallways in your home, plus any storage areas like hall closets, laundry rooms, and so on.

Incidentally, some people have asked why I use Windex for almost everything. Answer: Because it's a great all-purpose cleaner! One of its main ingredients is ammonia, which not only disinfects but really cuts through grease and grime. But I try to avoid using pure ammonia because I loathe the smell. Feel free to substitute whatever cleaners you prefer!

The supplies I recommend for spring cleaning the hall and storage areas include:

* A vacuum
* A couple of dust cloths
* Paper or cloth towels
* Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
* Windex
* Q-tips
* Sponge
* Dawn dish soap

The Procedure:

To print out this checklist, click here.

* Remove any art from the walls; dust it and set it aside in another room.

* Remove any curtains and throw them in the wash.

* Remove any throw rugs; wash those that can be washed and shake out those that can't.

* Dust light fixtures. Wipe them down with Windex or remove the shades and wash them in the sink with a little Dawn soap. Replace any needed light bulbs.

* Dust the ceiling and walls. If necessary, mop them. (Click here for advice on mopping walls and ceilings.)

* Dust any blinds.

* Wipe down all light switches and outlets. (I use Windex and a cloth towel.)

* If there are windows in the hall, clean them, being sure to also clean the window tracks and frames. (I vacuum the tracks, then use Windex and Q-tips to get into the crevices.)

* If there are mirrors in the hall, clean both the mirrors and the frames.

* Dust and clean doors, door frames, and doorknobs. I like to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for the doors and frames.

* Dust any furniture in the hall or storage areas, first removing everything stored in it. Use a slightly damp sponge to remove any real dirt.

* If there's anything stored that you don't actually use, donate it to charity. Throw away anything that's broken or useless. Put the contents of the cabinets back in place.

* If you have boot trays, take them outside and spray them with the hose. Clean them with a little Dawn dish soap, rinse, and allow to dry.

* If you have a coat rack or some other device for the storage of coats, umbrellas, and such, sort through everything that's in that area. Keep out only what's needed and being used. Place the other items in bedrooms or in storage.

* If you have appliances (like a washer and dryer) in the storage area, wipe down the outsides with Windex and a cloth. If needed, clean the interiors. Use a little Windex or watered down Dawn dish soap and some Q-tips to clean crevices. Be sure to clean out the lint trap in your dryer, including the yearly cleaning of the hose, if your manufacturer recommends it.

* If there is woodwork (like stair railings), dust them. If you use wood polish, apply it.

* Dust the floorboards. If they still appear dirty, wipe them down with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

* Vacuum the floors. If the floors can be mopped, mop them. If you're cleaning the staircase, start at the top stair and work your way down. (This way any debris ends up on stairs you haven't yet cleaned.)

* Replace artwork on the walls. Re-hang the washed and dried curtains. Replace throw rugs. Replace dry boot trays.


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