Spring Cleaning Checklist: Living Room, Family Room, & Dining Room (with free printable)

Spring cleaning living room, family room, and dining room
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This week's spring cleaning checklist covers three areas you may have in your home: Living room, family room, and dining room. If you're young and energetic and don't have littles running around, feel free to tackle them all in one day. But otherwise, don't feel bad if you spend several days on this task...I know I do! The only reason I've combined these rooms into one post is that their cleaning requirements are so similar.

As noted in the checklist for your kitchen, it's always best to start with the ceiling, move to the walls, then the furniture, then the floor. This saves time and sanity because any dust or debris that falls will not end up on something you've already cleaned.

For the living room, family room, and dining room, I recommend the following cleaning supplies:

A dust rag or two
A mop (if walls and ceilings need washing)
Dawn dish soap
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
Wood polish or wax, if you use them
Cloth or paper towels



To print out this checklist, click here.

* Dust and, if needed, mop the ceiling. (See this post for ideas on how to mop a ceiling. Also check my post on popcorn ceilings.)

* Dust and clean all light fixtures and fans. I remove the glass from fixtures whenever possible and clean them in the kitchen sink, using Dawn dish soap. I do the same thing with fan blades. Don't forget to replace light bulbs, if needed.

* Remove all art from the walls. Dust and set aside in another room.

* Remove any curtains and put them in the wash.

* Remove any throw or area rugs. Wash those that are washable. Beat or vacuum those that aren't. Set aside in another room.

* Dust any blinds.

* Dust all doors and door frames. If needed, wash with a sponge and a small amount of Dawn soap. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works great, too.

* If you have a fireplace, vacuum the exterior bricks or stone, or dust the wood. Consider shop vac-ing the interior and having the chimney cleaned. If you have a wood stove that isn't currently in use, dust well, clean the glass, clean the hearth, and consider having the pipe cleaned. (I prefer to clean chimneys and pipes in the spring; otherwise, we're in a mad dash to get it done come fall. Please do NOT skip cleaning your chimney or stovepipe, since that can lead to a house fire.)

* Dust and, if needed, mop the walls. If the walls just need a little cleaning touch-up here and there (perhaps where children's hands frequent), I recommend using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Don't forget to clean the light switches!

* Wash windows. Don't forget the casings and tracks. I use Windex and Q-tips for getting into the crevices of window tracks. (Windex has the added advantage of cleaning any mold or mildew that's appeared on window casings.)

* Dust and, if needed, wash the floorboards. I like to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for this job.

* Dust all wood furniture. Polish or wax wood, if you like to do so.

* Clean the glass on any furniture with glass.

* Vacuum lampshades.

* Dust any miscellaneous items, like framed photos or lamp bases.

* If you have storage in the room, take everything out of the cabinet, basked, or closet and dust. If needed, wipe down with a sponge or some Windex and a towel. Sort through items, giving away what you don't use and throwing away what's useless. Return items to storage.

* Vacuum all upholstered furniture.

* Dust all electronics, including cords. Don't forget the remote controls, which could use sanitizing, too.

* Vacuum the floor. If your flooring can be mopped, mop it.

* Replace rugs and art, assuming walls and floors are dry.


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