Finding Easter During COVID-19

Everything is different this Easter
Everything about Easter is different this year...and yet nothing is different.

It's true we aren't gathering inside churches or with extended family. The kids may not have overflowing Easter baskets. Easter dinner may look a lot less expansive. But all these things are only temporary...of this earth.

The core of Easter has not changed in nearly 2,000 years. Christ is Lord. He died to pay the penalty for our sins so that we could spend eternity with Jesus if we will just accept this stunning gift.

We have this moment. Even when times seem their best, none of us knows if we will have another on this earth. Let us live like it.

Let this Easter be an opportunity to celebrate the awe-inspiring gift God gave us through Christ. Embrace it with a full and joyous heart and live it every day forward.

Think back to that first Easter Sunday. The disciples were self-quarantined. Afraid. Questioning everything. When news of Jesus' resurrection came to them, they celebrated not in a church, but in a home. And what a celebration of the heart they had!

Let us join them fully.

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