Most Popular Posts of 2020...and some updates!

I hope you agree that it's fun to look back over the year and remember the good (and maybe reflect on the bad). I do that even with this blog; for instance, the most popular posts from last year seem so...2020. (Right?!) And if you scroll down further, I've also included this blog's all time most popular posts, which are really quite different from 2020's!

You may also notice some changes around here. Most notably, I've changed the blog name. Back in 2009, when I started blogging, my kids were little and the focus was really on being a Christian mommy and housewife. As my kids grew older, I realized how important wholesome food was and gradually began adding homesteading topics. Now that my kids are older, homesteading has become the primary topic here. While being a Proverbs 31 Woman can certainly encompass homesteading, I've felt for years that some people may find the title of the blog misleading. (People sometimes come here and expect a Bible study blog, for example.) So I finally took the plunge and renamed the blog to something I hope better reflects what's happening here! There are redirects in place, but you may find it best to update your most important bookmarks or pins.

Finally, a personal update. I'm healing quickly from my eye surgery. My wound is healed over and now I just need a little time for some swelling - and the scar - to fade. This Christmas break, I spent a bit of time reflecting on the fact that I had skin cancer. (It's hard to wrap my mind around.) And I've been feeling SO very thankful that, despite the fact that it was a type that spreads quite quickly, and despite the fact that I had it on my eye for a year and a half, it apparently did not spread. That's thanks to the Lord, for sure, and I feel my keto diet was at least in part his tool. (Cancer feeds off glucose and keto keeps glucose levels in the body low.) It's amazing how God used a recommendation from my doctor to help heal one health problem (diabetes) to heal or hold back others (including hidradenitis supporativa and skin cancer).


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  1. That is amazing that the Keto diet is helping! I have thought about going on this myself, lords know i need to. if i remember right i think even dr oz said that this is a great diet plan along with the mediterranean diet still praying for you and your family dear.