April on the Homestead

Spring is a busy time on any homestead - and mine is no exception! To top it off, we've had odd weather (sooooo much rain for this time of year!) that's interfered with some activities, plus I've been pulled away more often than usual for things like jury duty (I did get to serve on a jury for the first time ever, so that was nifty) and other family and business related duties.

Scrubbing the greenhouse windows is just one spring chore I accomplished this month.


My garden plan. I've already deviated from it slightly!

>Still, the recently planted asparagus and strawberries are growing well, as are the potatoes, peas, and onions. And I've planted out most of the cool season crops in the garden, including broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, beets, turnips, radishes, collards, and kale. Progress!

But I'm going to keep this month's post short, and focus on the produce totals and gardening expenses:

April Produce Totals:

At this time, we're mostly eating produce that I preserved last year. Even so, we do eat fresh food from the garden during the cold months; this month, however, we used up the last of the fresh produce. To learn more about how and why I am keeping these totals, click here.

Beet root and leaves: 8 lbs. 31 oz.

------------> $27.60 organic, $24.40 conventional 

Carrots: 2 lbs. 1 oz.

------------> $4.38 organic, $2.25 conventional  
Walla Walla onions (these were overwintered and underdeveloped, looking more like leeks, which is what I ill use as a comparison for pricing): 16 lbs. 5 oz.
------------>  $63.68 conventional  (no organic option available at my Walmart)

Saved in March:

$95.66 if purchased organic or $90.33 if purchased conventional

Saved in 2024 so far:

$221.96 if buying organic and $109.83 if buying conventional.


2024 Gardening Expenses

Walla Walla onion starts: $4

Cherry tomato start: $5.49 (a single plant and a hedge because the new-to-me-variety of cherry tomatoes I started from seed were looking less than robust)

Potting Soil: $47.96 (primarily for potting up peppers in the greenhouse; some will get used for flowers, too, but I won't try to parse that out.)

Total gardening expenses so far: $57.45

Total savings minus expenses in 2024: $164.51 if buying organic; $48.78 if buying conventional

Artichokes are coming on! One of my dogs pulled out this plant shortly after I photographed it. Ugh!


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