Most Popuar Posts of 2021 (and of all time!)

It's tradition for me to take a peek at this blog's stats at the end of the year and find myself surprised by what posts were the most popular. This year is no exception! I was particularly surprised by the all-time most popular posts, because they have changed a LOT in the last year, which is a first in the history of this blog. (Click here to see this blog's all-time most popular posts in 2020.) 

What do you think? Are there any surprises for you? Did you miss any posts other readers found most interesting or helpful?

P.S. As always, the order of the blog's most popular posts varies according to what source I use to find said posts. I don't use a scientific method to sort through the minor variations; I just go with my gut :)

2020's Most Popular Posts:

#10: How to Save Tomato Seeds (and Cucumber & Melon Seeds, Too)

#9: DIY Seed Vault

 #8: 5 Homesteading Myths

#7: Grow Celery from Grocery Store Stalks


#6: Growing & Harvesting Sunflowers

#5: The Best Canning Resources for Safe Canning

#4: Are Ball's Canning Recipes Unsafe?

#3: Why I Will Never Homestead Like Joel Salatin

#2: How to Hard Boil Quail Eggs in an Instant Pot

#1: Quail vs. Chickens (Which is Better?)

All-Time Most Popular Posts

#10: How to Turn a Girl's T-Shirt Into a Dress

 #9: The BEST Salisbury Steak Recipe

#8: Tender, Crowd-Pleasing Dinner Rolls

#7: 7 Wonders of the World: A Homeschool or School Break Project

 #6: Eat Your Weeds: Plantain

 #5: How to EASILY Clean Ceilings & Walls (Even in a Greasy Kitchen!)

 #4: How to Dehydrate Zoodles & Other Vegetable Noodles

 #3: How I Used Potatoes to Help Heal an Infection

 #2: Canning Ham (On this blog, I post tested-safe canning recipes only; however, this is an older post that I've left in place with a disclaimer about it's safety status.)

 #1: The Easy Way to Get Mold Off Grout


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