Top Posts from 2022 - and All Time!

I've been blogging here for 13 years - and most years, when I look at what posts were most popular, I'm surprised. This year, though, I felt like I was more in sync with you, my readers...and perhaps that's because of this blog's fairly recent transition from a home keeping/mommy blog that included homesteading to a blog that focuses 100% on homesteading. What do you think?

At any rate, I like to share the most popular posts with you in case you've missed some of them. And I hope you find it fun to also look at this blog's all-time most popular posts.

Are there any surprises for you? Are there any additional posts you recommend to other readers? Let us know in the comments!

Most Popular Posts for 2022:

# 10. Comparing Quail Eggs and Chicken Eggs  


# 9. Myths about the Bird Flu


# 8. Canning Rabbit (or Chicken) 3 Different Ways

# 7. How to Preserve Cucumbers

# 6. Creating a New Vegetable Garden, Step-by-Step

# 5. How to Preserve Summer Squash


# 4. The Easiest Way to Cook Rabbit


# 3. Canning with Monk Fruit: Is it Safe?

# 2. 10 Foods to Never Can at Home



# 1. The Biggest Mistake I Made Raising Quail

 Most Popular Posts of All-Time:

# 10. 6 Ways to Teach Kids the Books of the Bible


# 9. How to Make Meatloaf that's Not Greasy


# 8. How to Turn a Feed Sack into a Grocery or Shopping Bag


# 7. The Biggest Mistake I Made Raising Quail


# 6. How to EASILY Clean Ceilings & Walls

# 5. Quail vs. Chickens: Which is Better? 

# 4. The EASIEST Salisbury Steak Recipe


# 3. The Easy Way to Get Mold Off Grout

# 2. Canning Ham


# 1. How to Plan a Medicinal Herb Garden

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